Privacy Policy

To post or comment in this forum, you need to enter your name and e-mail address.  Your e-mail address will never be displayed to other visitors to the forum.

Zinzino Nordic AB stores the following information about you:

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your IP address
  • Any other personal information you provide in your post or comment

By writing your post or comment in the forum, you agree that we can store the above information about you for a maximum of 3 years.

By writing your post in the forum you also give your consent to:

  • The name you enter is published publicly with your post
  • You submit your e-mail address to Zinzino Nordic AB to be stored and used in accordance with the Swedish law.
  • Zinzino Nordic AB has the right to contact you via this e-mail address
  • Zinzino Nordic AB is entitled, only for internal use, to use your name and e-mail to make presentations in existing private databases (such as the company’s own customer care system or other databases available to the company)
  • Zinzino Nordic AB commits to never sell or otherwise distribute your e-mail address to third parties beyond the terms of this policy without your written consent.  However, your post may constitute public records under the Public and Privacy Act (2009:400), which means your e-mail address may be disclosed to a third party upon request.

If you want to delete your information from this forum, please report your post by clicking the warning triangle and writing and explanation of what you want to do, then an editor will remove your data as soon as possible.

Content policy

As a user of this forum, you accept that what you are writing is published and thus can be read by other users.

For contents published in this forum, the following guidelines apply:

  • Individuals who wish to remove or claim inappropriate content do this via the notification function relating to posts and comments.
  • We always remove inappropriate content.  Such content includes, racist posts, anti-ethnic groups, pornography, threats or violent degrading comments about people, invasion of privacy, incite to violence, criminal behavior, advertising that expressly benefits other products and businesses, as well as posts that infringe on copyright. We also ask our users to avoid aggressive language such as swear words, as this can be offensive to other forum users.
  • In some cases, we will delete posts where they are not pertinent to the site or the context of the forum to which they were posted.
  • This forum is governed by the Electronic Message Boards Act (1998:112), and immediately removes content that violates this law.